Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week Four: Barbie Gets A New Dress

My daughter's favorite toy is her Barbie. If you look really closely you'll notice her hair is more nasty dread locks than silky smooth tresses... but the love of a two year old has no bounds. I try to brush it out occassionally but J screams. Dread locks it is then.

I figured that since barbie only has one outfit I would make her another so J could play dress up with her. I found this cute cupcake shirt below with matching polka dot tights for Jordan's birthday back in September. Since we live in Texas, and it was still quite hot here, I removed the polka dot sleeves and saved them "just in case." Well, just so happens I found a use for one of them this week!

Since I already had a hem from the sleeve I left that in tact as the bottom of the dress.
My fabric was a stretchy material so no need to worry about adding velcro in the back. Just pin in the desired shape...
Sew along the pins...

and trim the edges. I simply folded over the excess on top and used fabric glue to hem.
Turn inside out and KA-POW! Barbie has a new dress!!! And it slips on and off nice and easy, perfect for a toddler at play!
That was too easy I had to make her an accessory to go. I had some left over fabric from a belt buckle I made for J when she was a cowgirl for Halloween...
and now barbie has a belt!
Now if only the other sleeve was big enough to make one in my size!
And after all my hard work, you know what the best part was? J absolutely... hated it! Haha! Bet you thought I was going to say she loved it, huh? Nope she cried, tore it off and screamed until I put Barbie's old dress back on. An oldie but a goodie I guess. Oh well, better luck next week Mommy. =)

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  1. So cute and creative! I knew I saved random pieces of fabric for a reason! Future fashion for Barbie! :)