Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week Three: Bathroom Remodel

So, this may not be a craft exactly but I have been dying to bring some organization into the stall in our bathroom! I have had that silver above toilet shelving since college and it was begging for retirement! We also have had the rest of the bathroom painted blue for the last two years so it was about time I finished.

The blue I used is Valspar Signature Colors BirdBath Gray. We have had the unfinished builders grade cabinet sitting in our garage for 3 months or so now which I painted with a primer and basic white. For the cabinet, I started with a paint brush but it seemed to leave a lot of lines so I moved on to a craft sponge brush I had handy. Hope you like it... I know I do!

Notice the sticker that was still on the toilet? Yes, that has been sitting there since we moved into the house and neither my husband or I ever tried to remove it because we figured it must be really stuck on there if the previous owners never removed it. Yeah... it peeled right off. In one piece. Guess it goes to show that you never know until you try! =)


  1. what a difference! looks awesome! love the blue!

  2. Thanks! It seems bigger now and it's nice finally being able to put all of our junk behind closed doors!