Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week Eleven: Dress to Toddler Skirt

I've been meaning to get into my box of clothes that don't fit me anymore and do some re-purposing. Kids clothes are so expensive so why not use some old clothes, that are in good shape still, into kids clothes? And I had the perfect dress to use for St Patrick's Day!

An old dress that doesn't fit me anymore but was way to cute to just get rid of!
I started by cutting off the top.

I measured my length to 11 inches. Add another two for hemming the bottom and adding the elastic to the top.

Cut to length...

Sew the sides to desired width. I only sewed at the top because I wanted to leave the liner separate but go ahead and sew all the way to the bottom. I used another one of J's skirts as a template.
Create a hem, large enough to fit your elastic, with openings at the end. Put a safety pin on the end of the elastic to help pull it through, then sew your two pieces of elastic together and close the fabric opening.
Hem the bottom of your skirt.
And you have a skirt!

Finally, add a cute little Irish girl!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week Ten: Taffy Rainbow & Pot of Gold St Patrick's Treat

Ok, so I didn't post by the weekend, as promised, but at least I am done with my St. Patrick's Day craft early!!! That means tere is still time for you to get crackin! I mean, what toddler wouldn't love a sweet, taffy rainbow with a chocolately pot of gold? Who am I kidding? What adult wouldn't?

I saw a similar post on Pinterest using rainbow licorice but I prefer Laffy Taffy. It's easier to cut in half and, lucky me, it was on sale for 5 for $1! This will give you enough for two bags and will, in theory, reduce the bouncing-off-the-walls-from-too-much-sugar-toddler-psychosis! I also put a ribbon, hair clip on top instead of a "Happy St. Patrick's Day" label since, well, my two year old can't read! =)

What You Need
*Skinny Laffy Taffy in multiple colors
*Chocolate coins
*Snack sized ziploc bags
*Hair ribbon/ label/ stickers for decorating

I simply opened the Taffy (carefully so it doesn't break) and cut it in half.
Place in snack sized ziploc bag, fold the zipper part under and tape.
I clipped the hair clip on the zipper part behind the candy and DONE!

Tasty, cute and it only cost $3 for two bags full! And for the adults in the house, I am going to give these Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes a go! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Oh, and if anyone pinches you... feel free to slap them with your Laffy Taffy! =)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week Nine: Fabric Cupcake Keychain

So, last week I made a key chain from another tutorial and, well, I kinda botched it. My fault for not following directions at some points and being lazy at other. Anyway, I decided I just couldn't go out like that so this week I am not only making another key chain but coming up with my own tutorial as well! Haha!!! Take that key chain! Ahem.

After last weeks key chain mishap I decided I needed something with a little more personality. I saw this really cute stuffed fabric strawberry and thought... hey, I can do that. I just so happen to be a lover of all things sweet and that is when the cupcake key chain was born. I also had perfect fabric for it already from another project so yay for no trip to the store! Hope you like it!

What You Need
*3 fabrics (I used felt for the tan cake and the rest is cotton)
*Red pom, button, another fabric for cherry
*Filler (just so happens my daughter broke into one of her pillows and pulled all the filler out the other day. Guess she knew I would need some.)
*Key ring
*Double sided iron on interface
*Typical sewing hoohah (scissors, thread, needle)

And we're off to make some calorie free cupcakes...

Base fabric dimensions: 4 1/2 in x 2 1/2 in for the side and the circle was 1 1/2 in around.
Place the base side with the right sides together and sew like so...
Now, attaching the circle is tricky so hang in there! I found the tutorial at Sew Mama Sew, so if I lose you feel free to check out her more detailed description.
Cut little slits around the edge that will attach to the round base.
I filled my base temporarily to make it easier to pin the circular bottom on.
Pin your circle on with 4 pins.
Remove filling and sew around the edges ABOVE the slits. You don't want holes in your cupcake!
Should look like this...
And this...
Turn inside to check and... hey, there! Looks round to me!
Phew! Moving on... cut your cake top approximately the size of a Guiness glass. For those of you who don't have a Guiness glass... shame on you. Just kidding. Cut a circle about 3 1/4 inches around.
Put a row of basting stiches around the edges of your cake top, pull and gather.
Place your icing on a double sided fusible web. Cut to size.
Iron on the frosting and sew on the pom cherry
Sew or fuse together your keychain strap... does this look like bacon to anyone else? I must be hungry.
Place the felt top inside the base so the right sides are together
Hand sew three quarters of the cupcake leaving enough space to turn it right side out
Hand sew the remainder adding the bacon... I mean key chain loop.
There. Now you have a sugary treat look-a-like to taunt you everywhere you go.