Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week Eleven: Dress to Toddler Skirt

I've been meaning to get into my box of clothes that don't fit me anymore and do some re-purposing. Kids clothes are so expensive so why not use some old clothes, that are in good shape still, into kids clothes? And I had the perfect dress to use for St Patrick's Day!

An old dress that doesn't fit me anymore but was way to cute to just get rid of!
I started by cutting off the top.

I measured my length to 11 inches. Add another two for hemming the bottom and adding the elastic to the top.

Cut to length...

Sew the sides to desired width. I only sewed at the top because I wanted to leave the liner separate but go ahead and sew all the way to the bottom. I used another one of J's skirts as a template.
Create a hem, large enough to fit your elastic, with openings at the end. Put a safety pin on the end of the elastic to help pull it through, then sew your two pieces of elastic together and close the fabric opening.
Hem the bottom of your skirt.
And you have a skirt!

Finally, add a cute little Irish girl!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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