My name is Nicole and I have two great kids: A 5 year old girl (J)and an almost 2 year old boy (C).

I mostly started this blog as an outlet for creativity. I have been teaching myself to sew and sharing some tutorials as I go along. I really love anything that I can make with my hands and I love a challenge!

I started some basic preschool homeschooling last year with J and this year we are embarking on full on Kindergarten Homeschooling! It's both terrifying and so exciting! I love being able to do chapter studies on things that interest J and crafts and science projects can be really fun.

I used the The Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills: Grade P last year. For every couple of pages I would make a lesson with two coordinating games/ activities.

This year we are using The Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills: Kindergarden as well as chapter studies which we are making into lapbooks.

I have gained so much information and confidence through viewing other Homeschool blogs that hopefully I can give back a little and inspire someone else!

Happy Homeschooling!

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