Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week Two: Cover Box with Fabric

So, after much searching for the right fabric (at the right price) for my new hallway box, I scored! At less than $3 a yard I was thrilled to find a muted green burlap! I've been seeing some pretty art and decorations with Burlap lately so I was excited to give it a go.

All I used for my project was last weeks box, fabric, a glue gun and some ribbon to finish it off! Now, it did take me a nice chunk of time to wrap that puppy but, like I said, the box is pretty big and I didn't really have a wrapping game plan to start with. But, lucky for you, my pictures should give you a clear idea of where to start. Enjoy!

Start by ironing and laying out your fabric on the ground. You will need to cut two pieces. A piece that covers the bottom and front of the box. And another piece that covers the two sides.
You will need to leave a good 4+ inches on the top of the pieces to fold over and inside the box.
Start by cutting around the point of the 90 degree angle, leaving an inch or so flap. Glue the two excess flaps to the two sides.

Then glue the rest of the bottom fabric in place. Leave the front flap unglued until the end.
Now get your second piece of fabric to begin with the sides.
Glue the fabric to both sides and once in place trim the edges.

I chose to glue right along the edge to prevent fray but if you have a thinner fabric you can fold an inch under for a finished edge.

Once the sides are in place, trimmed and affixed, fold the top flaps inside your box and glue in place.
Now affix your front and trim and glue sides in place. Fold excess inside the box, glue and you're done!!! I finished off with a ribbon since I pick a neutral fabric.
Now you can fully utilize the space you have in that tiny closet of yours!

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