Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week Six: Clothespin Chip Clips

I went back and forth about my would-be craft of the week and just could not make up my mind! But, while scouring Pinterest for inspiration, I kept running across crafts with clothespins. I have about 40 clothes pins left from last weeks Valentine, since HEB only sells them in bulk, so why not use what I have?

Here is a super simple DIY to make decorative chip clips! Somehow chips make me think of football and I just so happened to have some left over football scrap paper. Nice! So, all you need is some modge podge, scrap paper, a brush and clothespins and you can say goodbye to those stale chips... if you can get your husband to use them too. =)

Simply traced a rough outline and cut it out...
Apply a layer of modge podge to the clothes pin and affix paper
Trim any rough edges and then cover with another layer of modge podge. If the paper bubbles, you didn't put enough modge podge on the clothespin to start with so peel back and apply more.
I love fishes cuz their so delicious... when they're not stale.
Now, what to do with the other 36 pins I have left? Lol!

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