Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Football Taggie Blanket

Ever since we found out that we are having a little boy I have had all things boy on the brain! I finally finished my first project for the little man and just in time for football season! I've been determined to make him a football blanket and since my husband is a Notre Dame fan and I am a Navy fan I added blue and gold taggies for us both! 

What You Need
*Brown bumpy fabric (1 yard)
*Soft white fabric (1/4 yard)
*fabric glue

First thing I did was fold the fabric in half and sew a line along the inside for my first seam. No cutting!

Then I folded the blanket corners under to make a decent football shape.

I traced my football shaped and folded into fours so I could trim and make all sides even

I cut 2in strips of my white fabric and used fabric glue to pinch the edges together and form a center line down the under side of the fabric

I used my form as a guide to place my white fabric, pinned it in place and sewed it down.

Now, here comes the fun creative part I am really excited about! I wanted to flatten out the bumps outside of the football outline so I simply ironed them out leaving a bumpy football and a flat exterior. Be careful not to iron out the bumps on the backside of your fabric though! Also, don't let your fabric get too hot or it could discolor. Iron a few swipes, let cool and go again until flat.

Cut 6 in ribbons, use fabric glue to make them into 3 in loops and space evenly on fabric. 

The finished result isn't perfect but I really love it and hope you do too!!!


  1. Love your blankie! How do you like sewing with minky fabric?

  2. Thanks!!! It's nice to sew with since it has some stretch. It's more forgiving if it's not perfect!