Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hand Stamped Wine Glass Charms

So, I know it looks like I haven't done anything for a month but I actually have a few projects waiting to be posted. Since two of them were gifts, I figured I should give them away before posting them online!

My sister-in-law got married this weekend and we decided to give them a pair of nice Crystal glasses for toasting at their wedding. Since I don't know how to blow glass, and I'm sure it would be disastrous in so many ways if I tried, I decided to leave that to the professionals and I made some wine charms instead. =)

I found this great 6 minute tutorial that shows you how quick and easy the project really is! I practiced on a notepad for spacing (as shown in the tutorial above) then on one of the circles to see how hard I needed to hit the stamps. After that, line up the stamps and hammer away! It really was that simple!

What You'll Need
*Earring loops 
*Letter stamp punch set 
*Circular stamping blanks (pendant)
*Steel bench block 
(I found everything at Hobby Lobby and after using their 40% off coupon spent less than $20!)

 I used a small sticky note as a guide so my letters would be straight. You can also write the letter on the note if you are concerned about spacing. 
 After I finished stamping...
 I strung some alternating purple and clear beads along with my pendant and VOILA! 

 A great wedding gift and, if they hate it, they can easily take it off and just use the glasses! =)

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