Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Print Your Pins

I don't know about you but I.... am..... a.... Pinterest.... Addict. There it is... I said it. I have spent many, many, many hours collecting things on Pinterest. And what do I have to show for it? PINS! But what happens if for some reasons those pins disappear or something happens to my account? What will happen to the fruits of my hoarding labors? I'd really rather not find out. Ya hear me?

So this week, I have a little tutorial on how to save your pins on PicMonkey. If you are a planner like me you have already started thinking about Fall, so here is the first set of pictures I put together with my Halloween collection. 

Head on over to PicMonkey and click on Create a Collage. 

Click on the picture on the far left that says "Layouts" when you hover over it. Choose the category "Square Deal" and choose the amount of squares you want... I used the third options which has 16 squares. 

Under your collage it shows the dimensions 1024 x 1024. Click on the little lock button so that when you hover over it it says "Lock Proportions." This will allow you to change the proportions and make your picture 8 x 10 for printing. Change the proportions to 1920 x 2400.

Go back to the far left options and click on the picture you hover over that says "Images" and then click on "Open Photos". 

Upload the pictures you have selected from Pinterest. (I previously right clicked on the pins I wanted to save, clicked "Save to My Computer" and then saved them all in a common folder.)

If you want to add any words to your collage now is the time to click on "Edit". Just make sure you have the pictures exactly the way you want them because you won't be able to go back and change them once you enter the Editing section. 

Save to your computer and print that puppy out!

Hope that helps and Happy Pinning!!!

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