Monday, June 24, 2013

30 Beers for 30 Years Birthday Gift Sampler

It's been a few months since my husbands big 30th birthday but I finally got around to blogging about it. As most of you have probably discovered, gift giving for guys can be tough! No they don't want ties... or socks... or really anything from the stores I like shopping at! My guy loves gadgets and computer stuff but I don't speak geek. For instance, the one time I tried to buy a computer game for my dad who likes "Fantasy" type games... I accidentally got him a kids game. I guess I don't know how to tell the difference between adult games with elves and kids games with elves. Lol!

But beer. Beer is always a win in our house! So if your guy is like mine then consider making him a beer sampler with the number of beers to match the number of birthdays! We have a store called Specs that sells individual beers so I came up with the idea of 30 Beers for 30 Years! I was pretty proud of myself... if you can't tell. And if you would like to avoid your kitchen counter being taken over by the beer rating system, go ahead and type up a spreadsheet or download a beer app on his phone so your guy can rate them and remember which ones he liked. That's part of the fun!

The Sampler idea could translate to an easy gift idea for any member of the family too. Have a mom that likes tea and coffee? Give her a sampler of exotic tea bags or k-cups if you have a Tassimo coffee machine. Does your dad like gardening? You could give a Seed Sampler to the green thumb in your family. Samplers are fun! And they're a gift that keeps on giving!

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